We aim to help women in need look their best

Wear2Start provides women in need with clothing and accessories, but we know  the impact of our work goes well beyond the client’s exterior appearance. To help polish a client’s final look, a number of local salons provide haircuts to our clients free of charge. We are lucky to have had some very supportive stylists providing great cuts for our clients, including Chatters Mayfair Hair Salon, Inspire Hair Design, Love One Hair Studio and Shampoo Hair Bar. We are very grateful to them.

But through retirements, closures and changes, the number of salons helping our clients has dropped. We need to build it back up. Are you a stylist who could donate a hair cut? Do you know a stylist who might be willing to contribute?

The number of free cuts is up to the stylist. Whether it’s one or two cuts a month during slow times in the scheule or just a few times a year, we are happy with — and thankful for — whatever level of service a salon can provide.

Some of the great stylists who have provided free haircuts to Wear2Start stylists work at, clockwise from top left, Inspire Hair Design, Love One, Chatters Mayfair and Shampoo Hair Bar. Photos show the stylists with certificates of appreciation from W2S.

The way our process works is that a volunteer from our Wear2Start boutique calls the salon during our hours of operation — approximately 10 am to 3 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — to book an appointment for our client. Once an appointment is made, Wear2Start staff provide the client with a voucher, which includes the appointment details and the client’s name as well as the name and phone number of the salon. The client will bring the voucher to the salon for her appointment.

Please take a look at our Hair Services Agreement. It’s simple, straightforward and the stylist controls all the decisions involved. You can fill it out online, save it and email to us at Or you can choose to print it out, fill it in and return it to us by email or in person/by post to Wear2Start, 733 Johnson St., Suite 216, VICTORIA, BC  V8W 3C7 .

If you are a stylist willing to consider contributing your services and have any questions, please get in touch with our program manager Tracy Lubick at