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What We do

We provide clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, and essential personal care items, and we coordinate services, such as haircuts and clothing alterations, for self-identified women who require assistance in obtaining professional clothing suitable for work and life.

We help women overcome barriers to success

Why Wear2Start?

When Wear2Start was established in 2001, our organization aimed to help unemployed or newly employed women who needed a work wardrobe. Over the years we have helped thousands of women gain more confidence and increased their chances of securing employment with a more polished appearance. We also heard from the community that there is a greater need. So, in 2019, we expanded our mandate to reach more women. Some of our clients need clothing for a meeting with a prospective landlord, a lawyer or a potential employer, or attending a workshop, going back to school or appearing in court. They might need up-to-date, stylish clothing after an emergency – fleeing an abusive relationship, a change in health or life circumstances, or almost any other situation that has meant losing access to clothing. We can also offer a little boost to the wardrobe and confidence of a single mom or woman of limited means who is struggling to make ends meet. And we support the transgender community.

Our Clothing Donation Management program minimizes the impact on the environment by repurposing and rehoming gently used clothing so that it not only avoids the landfill but benefits members of our community. We pride ourselves on being a fiscally responsible organization and keep our administrative costs low so that your donations can be used towards the direct delivery of our programs and services.

We help all self-identified women step toward a better future!


“Wear2Start reminded me that as a woman, I deserve to pamper myself now and then, nurture and love myself despite everything else that comes into my life. It’s part of who I am, and in order to heal, I need to feel good about myself and fall in love with Me again. I’m truly grateful for this program.”

“Thank you! I had so much fun with my visit to the boutique. The advice that I received from the volunteers on how to wear and make outfits with the clothing I was given has boosted my confidence so much!”

“It was an amazing experience. What you ladies are doing is just awesome. I was able to get lots of great-looking outfits for working in an office setting and feeling like a professional. Thank you so much for the opportunity”

“I had a wonderful experience yesterday. The staff were very helpful and really great. I appreciate you all and everything you do.”

“I still feel like Cinderella! It was much more than I expected! The ladies were incredible. … So kind and professional. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!”

“Thank you to you and the lovely team that helped me today — it means more than you can imagine.”

“I was able to get some needed undergarments and toiletries at the wardrobe appointment and really appreciated that.”

“(My appointment) went amazing!! Thank you so so much for letting me be a part of this! It was a really fun experience and I left with a lot of new business clothes. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but I was fortunate and a lot of items worked well for me.”

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