Who We Are

Our Vision

To create a world where all self-identified women feel confident

and empowered to achieve their goals through access to

appropriate clothing and support.

Our Mission

Wear2Start is a volunteer-driven non-profit society that provides

personalized wardrobe experiences to empower all self-identified

women to dress their best and reach their goals.

Our Journey

When Wear2Start was established in 2001, our mission was to assist unemployed or newly employed women in need of a work wardrobe. Over the years, we have helped thousands of women gain confidence and enhance their chances of securing employment with a more polished appearance.


Listening to the community’s needs, we realized our services could benefit a wider audience. In 2019, we expanded our mandate to support more women in various situations.


    Empowering Through Clothing:

    We provide up-to-date, stylish clothing to those who have lost access to their wardrobe. Whether it’s a single mom struggling to make ends meet or a woman of limited means, we offer a boost to their wardrobe and confidence. We are also proud to support the transgender community.


    Clothing Donation Management:

    Our Clothing Donation Management program minimizes the impact on the environment by repurposing and rehoming gently used clothing so that it not only avoids the landfill but benefits members of our community. We pride ourselves on being a fiscally responsible organization and keep our administrative costs low so that your donations can be used towards the direct delivery of our programs and services.