Wear2Start is a volunteer-driven non-profit society that helps women overcome barriers to success.


How to nominate yourself or someone you know

Could you or someone you know use some new clothes to take a step forward in life? The clothing might be needed for something such as meeting a prospective landlord, a lawyer or a potential employer. It could also mean finally getting some up-to-date, stylish clothing after an emergency – fleeing an abusive relationship, a change in health or life circumstances, or almost any other situation that has meant losing access to clothing. We are also happy to help single moms or women struggling to make ends meet.

At Wear2Start, we like to say we CHANGE LIVES, ONE WARDROBE AT A TIME. Help us help those in need. We are happy to serve all self-identified women.

Please note, there is no cost to nominate yourself or someone else. We fundraise to provide our services, if you are interested and able to support us,  click here.

Here are the steps to refer yourself or someone you know:

A. If you are nominating yourself:

1. Fill in the NOMINATION FORM.

2 Save it and email it to, or
3. Print it out, then drop it off or mail it to:
Client Nominations
Wear2Start Society
733 Johnson St., Suite 216

B. If you are nominating someone other than yourself:

1. Print out the NOMINATION FORM and fill it in. For privacy reasons, we require that you obtain consent from the person you are nominating to provide their information to Wear2Start. Please make sure the person you nominate has read the form and signed it.

2. Scan the signed document and email it to (If you don’t have a scanner, you can take a photograph, but please make sure all information, including signatures, is clear in the photo before emailing it). Or
3. Mail or drop off the completed, signed form to:
Client Nominations
Wear2Start Society
733 Johnson St., Suite 216

Note that if you have questions, you can send them to