Do you want to be a part of empowering women who are re-entering the work force? The Wear2Start Society is a looking for a part-time Program Manager. Please email applications, including hourly wage expectations, to by July 30.




Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Program Manager is responsible for the overall operational management of the Wear2Start Society. The responsibility includes, but is not limited to, supporting and implementing strategic and operational planning, programs and services, fiscal management, human resources (volunteers), administrative operations and external relations.


1.     To develop, with the Board, a shared vision of the future of the organization within the bounds of its mission, Board policy, Business and Strategic plans

2.     To establish, with the Board and volunteers, operational objectives that support the business and strategic plans

3.     To provide leadership to the volunteers in managing efficiently the program and services provided by the organization

4.     To ensure that the fiscal management of the organization is on a sound basis and, with the Board, to develop and implement appropriate fund-raising and long-term financial strategies

5.     To ensure that the day to day operations of the organization are efficient and effective

6.     To establish and maintain positive relationships with all of Wear2Starts’ stakeholders through regular communication

7.     To identify operational issues or trends to the board


1.     Vision
• Translates the mission into realistic operational goals and objectives
• With the Board, identifies strategic priorities and implements

2.     Volunteer Management
• Interviews, selects qualified and suitable volunteers and organizes weekly schedules
• Develops, implements and carries out on-boarding program for volunteers
• Sets high standards of quality in program management through effective support and oversight

3.     Program and Operations Management
• Monitors operations through a number of activities/processes and actions including regular visits to referring agencies
• Ensures that appropriate systems exist to facilitate day to day operations
• Develops and updates policies and procedures for the operations
• Maintains IT system (Google)
• Maintains and orders inventory of supplies and materials

4.     Business Development
• With the Board, is responsible for developing and implementing appropriate fund-raising and development strategies
• Has a clear understanding of the current and future financial resources needed to realise the organization’s mission
• With the Board, implements the fund-raising program
• Is innovative in the creation of partnerships with business, government or other institutions
• Develops funding proposals and is effective in revenue generation to ensure the sustainability of the current program as well as the development of new program areas

5.     Fiscal Management
• Develops, with the Treasurer, an annual operational budget and administers the approved budget
• Establishes and maintains a system linking the strategic and operational planning to the budgeting process
• Guides revenue generating activities
• Takes the necessary steps to create partnerships with business, government, and other institutions who contribute to the organization’s resources

6.     Board Relationships and Policy Implementation
• Acts as a resource to the Board so policy decisions are made on an informed basis
• Provides timely information to the Board about emerging trends and issues in order to enhance the Board’s capacity for effective decision-making and long term planning
• Oversees development and implementation of orientations for incoming Board Members
• Supports optimum engagement of Board Members & effective interactive communication with the Board

7.     External Relations
• Plays a leadership role both within the non-profit sector and the community at large to promote Wear2Start
• Undertakes activities within the Community that enhance the visibility of he organization
• Participates in task forces, committees and working groups in the community as appropriate
• Initiates and develops relationships with current and potential stakeholders, including funders, all levels of government, non profit sector, business, the media and the broader community


• Post-secondary education in not-for-profit management, public administration or social sciences or human resources
• A minimum of  3-5 years’ experience leading within a community based non-profit agency
• Demonstrated leadership & management of both paid and volunteer staff
• Demonstrated ability to motivate staff/volunteers to attain a high level of commitment and enthusiasm
• Experience in initiating, planning, implementing and evaluating programs and services
• Excellent written communication skills, including expertise in proposal/grant writing
• Proven ability to revenue generation and fundraising
• Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with public officials, funders, business leaders, the media and members of the general public
• Outstanding verbal presentation skills


• Availability to attend monthly Board Meetings as required
• Travel within the Greater Victoria area may be required